The Supervisory Board (SB)

Led by a board composed of four brothers.
The Zanzibar Holidays is managed on the basis of delegated authority from the SB (the highest authority in WTC Zanzibar Ltd). Members of the SB are the only partners of “The Zanzibar Holidays”.
In addition to the members displayed below, other members are:
1. Bishara Al Nabhani (wife of Said Bin Ghanim Al Kindi) - Honorary Chairman.
2. Ghalib S. Bin Ghanim - Supervisory Board Member.
3. Awatif S. Bin Ghanim - Board Member & Secretary General.
4. Inayat Al Akrabi - Board Member & Chief Financial Officer (CFO).
5. Moza Al Reyami - Board Member – Adviser.

Sh. Said Bin Ghanim Al Kindi


Bin Ghanim Family Council

The Zanzibar Holidays is one of the leading companies within the WTC Zanzibar Group. Under the direction of the Executive Director of the company, Mr. Fauz Bin Ghanim, which is looking to provide a single model in the work of tourism in South East Africa and since Zanzibar island has the attractiveness of tourism look forward to domestic and foreign tourism investment in terms of development of tourism in Zanzibar to be one of the most popular tourist places in the world.

Abubakar S. Bin Ghanim


Supervisory Board

Taking advantage of the experiences of others and benefiting from the minds of the youth of Zanzibar's is the secret of "The Zanzibar Holidays" success.
The Zanzibar Holidays Looking forward to investing and developing tourism in Zanzibar in various fields:
1. Setting up the world-class recreational parks.
2. Construction of hotels and resorts.
3. Set up various exhibitions.
4. Development of therapeutic tourism.
5. Development of commercial tourism

Fauz S. Bin Ghanim

Chairman & CEO

Management Board

Zanzibar Holidays is developing its distinguished services to its customers by providing the best services. The flights available to Zanzibar in cooperation with the various airlines also provide resorts, luxury hotels, onshore and offshore transportations and communications. It also deals with a series of restaurants, tourist guides and various luxury places.

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